In our workshop, you too can be a part of candle making process or find a solution to your corporate demands.”

At NYKS Atelier, which is located in the Beyoglu Tomtom district of Istanbul; you can, not only personalize our natural candles; but also, request mass production or molding for your corporate demands.

For your special days like weddings, engagements and invitations;
You can choose from NYKS Istanbul’s customizable models and fragrances according to your liking, just to make an exquisite touch.

NYKS Atelier, provides answers to your corporate demands. You can make candles in our studio as a group; using any mold or essence you prefer. You only have to contact us, to provide your customers with the NYKS naturalness, under your brand.

You can also arrange candle making workshops with NYKS Istanbul team. You can both learn the process of candle making, and experience the joy of making your own candles.

Please contact us for details;